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Chameleon College of Musical Knowledge

                                      CHAMELEON COLLEGE of MUSICAL KNOWLEDGE 

                                                                    Test #1


I love worthless musical information. Have fun with me and test how 'worthless' you are!


1)  Q.  Which character did Beyounce' play in the movie 'Dreamgirls?

      A.  Deena Jones   Effie White   Foxey Brown   Michelle Morris


2)  Q.  Which song did Usher sing in three parts?

      A.  Throwback   Yeah   Burn   Confessions


3)  Q.  Kenny Chesney song - Finish the quote from 'Sunshine': "Temperatures says______degrees down at the Deposit and Guarantee."

      A.   73   83   93   103


4)  Q.  AC/DC's 'Back in Black' album was a tribute to which singer?

      A.  Ted Nugent     Bon Scott    Angus Young    Alice Cooper


5)   Q.  Louis Armstrong was known as....

       A.  Pops    Satchmo   The King of Jazz     All of the Above   Non of the Above


6)   Q.  Purple Rain: What song was the first to be performed in the movie?

       A.  Purple Rain    Let's Go Crazy   When Doves Cry      1999


7)    Q.  Saturday Night Fever: What was the name of the disco where Tony Manero burned up the dance floor?

       A.  Clementines    After Daddie's Money    Odyssey 2001    Pistachios


8)   Q.   The 1990s hit 'Hotstepper'  by Ini Kamoze. In the song who did he sample?

      A.   Gloria Gaynor   Taana Gardner    Cheryl Lynn    Teena Marie


9)   Q. The Beatles' 'Day in the Life' was inspired by which John Lennon activity?

       A.  Reading the morning paper   Watching a Corn Flakes tv commercial     Studying the 'Tibetan Book of the Dead'  

            Watching his son Julian draw