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During a recent party a lady approached me and said I was like 'Pandora with Personality.' Her comment meant

a lot to me because I came from an announcing background in the days of 'personality radio', something sadly

missing from most radio shows, and many DJ's training in general.


As a graduate of Northeast High School in Oklahoma City during the early years of integration, I was exposed

to a wide variety of people and their tastes, especially musically. I then went to the University of Central Oklahoma,

and was a DJ on everything KCSC offered; Classical Music, UCO football and at midnight on saturday nights, a

college radio show called 'The Insect Lounge'. I spun the early music of the Talking Heads, Blondie, The Clash,

U2, REM, etc. This combined with growing up in the funk and disco heyday meant that I boogied through the '70s

and early '80s.


After college I spent a couple of years at KXY, 96.1. I got to do almost everything there; DJ, sales and promotions.

KXY was the city's country leader back then. It was a golden time for country music, but infortunately, it was near

the end of an emphasis on personality radio. Hot hit rotation, with little or no talk, meant a boring time for someone

who wanted to expand musically. Enter the private party DJ world.....


While at KXY I worked a couple of private parties with Rick Ayers, who at the time was at KJ-103. We played a

wide variety of music, performed live in front of an audience instead of being in a small radio room, and got paid

for it! Eureka! We were hooked. Rick and I quit our radio gigs and started 'It's Showtime'. We worked together

in Oklahoma and Florida for ten years. The experience of a doing a start up business in two states was invaluable.


In 1996 I went off on my own and named my company Chameleon Entertainment, because it took a Chameleon to

relate to audiences of all ages, cultures and musical tastes. Going to school and working in radio at the time that

I did gave me wonderful training to be a Live DJ, a Chameleon!